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Scorpion Control AZOne of the most common calls we receive for people wanting to start pest control is about Scorpions.  There are several reasons why Arizona is a perfect habitat for scorpions.  Most of our yards are fenced off with the standard cinder block walls.  If you take a look at these walls they have columns about every ten feet.  These columns are a perfect spot for scorpions.  In fact, if you go scorpions blacklight hunting these columns is where you will see the most.  Scorpions are always attracted to a water source.  This water source is often found from our sprinklers and drip irrigation around our yards.  One of the biggest reasons scorpions thrive here in Arizona is of course, our weather.  Our hot climate in the summer and mild winters make it possible for scorpions to multiply quickly and have a consistent food source. (other bugs)

We take pride in offering one of the most comprehensive and effective scorpion control treatments in Arizona.  We use the best products available to kill the Arizona Bark Scorpion and make sure all other pests on the property are eliminated.


What makes our service better than others?

Premium Scorpion Control
– Micro incapsulated spray designed to last 2-3 times longer than inferior products.
– Creating Barrier protections around foundation, porch, walkways, under shrubs, exterior block fencing, water treatment sites.
– Dust injections on all home entry points, Garage Doors, crevices and block pillar cavities.
– Granulation on water drip areas.
– Initial Interior flushout of existing pests (scorpion prey).
– Placement of scorpion monitoring stations.
– Removal of all webbing/spiders (scorpion prey) around windows/eaves and doors.
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