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Welcome to Orange Pest Control A leading scorpion removal company in Arizona.

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Orange Pest Control is the leader in Cockroach removal here in Arizona. We are experts and know what it takes to care of them safely. We have combined decades of knowledge and experience with the most effective cockroach services available.

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"A technician was at my house within 45 minutes of calling to request help with Africanized bees that had taken up residence in my daughters playhouse outside. I’m very satisfied with the fast professional service!"

Crickett S.

I woke up to a huge bee hive in my backyard tree. My husband called several companies but orange was the most affordable and they were here in 30 minutes!! I will DEFINITELY recommend them to my friends and family!

Laurie L.

"They arrived within an hour after I called them.  They were very professional, knowledgeable and took the time to discuss what we need to do to prevent bee infestation later."

Adison C.

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Cockroach Removal starting at $75

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We take pride in offering safe and affordable pest control in Arizona.  We are a locally owned and operated company and we 100% guarantee every service! 

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Cockroach removals starting at only $75 

Same Day Service Available

Cockroach removals starting at only $75 

Pest control starting at $75 - CALL NOW!

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Arizona Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most common and persistent pests in homes, businesses, and other structures. They can cause a variety of problems, from health risks to property damage. We are experts when it comes to the types of roaches we have here in Arizona.  We have effective methods at eliminating roach problems and keeping them out of your home or business for good!

 Cockroach Removal Service

Scorpion Control

Arizona Cockroaches

If you have Scorpions, it is a good chance it is the Arizona Bark Scorpion. The Arizona bark scorpion, is a small light brown scorpion common to the southwest United States. This species thrives in our desert climate and most often found in recently developed areas. The Bark Scorpion is the most venomous scorpion in the U.S. and while their sting can be very painful, death is extremely rare.

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Welcome to Orange Pest Control, a leading cockroach removal company in Arizona.